Taking Care of Your Hearing Protector

Choosing a quality hearing protector is an investment in your health and quality of life at work. Having made that investment, it is important to take good care of your equipment. With regular maintenance you will achieve the optimal comfort and best effect from your hearing protector.


Daily Check

Hellberg has all the accessories and spare parts needed to maintain the performance of your hearing protector. Before starting work and putting on your hearing protection, always conduct an optical inspection of the product.

  • Immediately discard the product if showing signs of cracks or damage.
  • Earcups, and in particular cushions, may deteriorate with use and should be examined at frequent intervals for cracking and leakage.
  • Ensure that the hearing protectors are regularly inspected for serviceability.
  • The products may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Contact Hellberg for further information about specific chemicals or detergents.

Cleaning and Storage

Always clean your hearing protector after use. Clean with a soft cloth, mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not dip the product in water! You must be sure that the detergent you use does not irritate the skin. The hearing protector must be stored in dry and clean conditions, for example in its original packaging. When damp, turn the ear cups outwards and remove the foam liners so they can dry. Remove the batteries if replaceable.

Hygiene Kits

The ear cushions of Hellberg hearing protectors feature a convenient snap-in system. This enables regular replacement of the cushions, keeping the product clean, hygienic and with retained performance. Hygiene kits, available for all hearing protectors, consists of a pair of soft ear cushions, foam liners (sound absorbers) and a headband cushion. The hygiene kit should be changed at least twice per year. Make sure you choose the correct hygiene kit for your hearing protector.

How To Assemble the Hygiene Kit

  1. Remove the old foam liner and insert the new.
  2. Pull off the old ear cushion.
  3. Centre the new ear cushion over the hole.
  4. Press with a finger along the outside of the ear cushion until it attaches all around the edges.
  5. (Only for headband models) Pull off the old head cushion and insert the new.