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Since 1962, Hellberg Safety has been dedicated to bringing you the best hearing protection and face protection products.


Our dedication means that we know all about safety. But we also know that product design and technology is equally important in order to maintain safety. Because it doesn’t matter how good the protection is if it is not comfortable on your head or if it stops you from hearing or seeing what you need to hear and see. It must feel perfect, because protective equipment is useless if it is not used.

This is why our most important feature is your usage. All Hellberg products are user-friendly, so you can enjoy peace of mind amid all the disturbance and noise at the worksite while also getting the peace of mind generated from hard work. During the workday and beyond.

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Our Heritage

It all started in Sweden with Arne Hellberg, a true pioneer who early on understood how important it is to protect the hearing. A prominent sports shooter, he came up with new and advanced ideas when he developed the first hearing protectors in the family garage in the small town of Lerum, for what would become Hellberg Safety. In the early 1960’s the first mass production of hearing protectors began, with most of the manufacturing done in Stockholm and other locations around Sweden.

The development towards the advanced protection we see today is a result of long-term research and a deep understanding of how fragile the human hearing is.

Since 1997, the Hellberg Safety headquarters are located in Stenkullen, just a stone’s throw from where everything once began.

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Hellberg Safety – Part of Hultafors Group

Hellberg Safety is part of Hultafors Group since 2018. Together with brands such as Snickers Workwear, Hultafors, Wibe Ladders, Solid Gear Footwear and Toe Guard we offer a wide range of quality products for professional users. We are all united by a common passion: to offer the best possible safety, functionality, protection and efficiency at work.

Find your work trousers and work jackets at Snickers Workwear. Solid Gear Footwear will protect your feet with comfortable safety shoes. Hultafors provides high quality hand tools ranging from hammers and axes to spirit levels and folding rules. If you are looking for ladders and scaffolds, Wibe Ladders is the place to go.

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