Passive Hearing Protection

Secure 2 Foldable

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Secure 2 Foldable - 1
Secure 2 Foldable - 2
Secure 2 Foldable - 3
  • Protection level 2 for medium to high noise
  • Compact when folded for convenient storage
  • Smooth and easy size adjustment

The foldable style hearing protector is the ideal choice for any work where the hearing protector needs to be easy accessible. It is compact when folded and the cups are kept sealed when stored. A light and durable headband construction with easy size adjustment offers great comfort. Perfect for all professional users exposed to short term noise such as service and maintenance, inspections and installations. Protection level 2 is suitable for medium to high noise levels, between 90-110 dB.


Foldable headband

The headband construction makes the hearing protector very compact when folded, perfect when the hearing protector needs to be easy accessible. When stored the cups are sealed and protected from dirt and debris. The headband folds in and out easily and has a soft cushion that enhances comfort at the crown of your head.

Made of high quality plastic

Durable construction made from thermoplastics that withstand rough environments and variable temperatures without ever loosing its clamping force and flexibility. This non-conductive construction makes it a perfect choice for working close to electrical sources.

Telescopic size adjustment

Smooth and easy size adjustment with one single adjustment point, eliminating any risk of tilting, for a tight and comfortable fit.

Replaceable cushions with "snap-in" system

Comfortable cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam filling increases comfort. The snap-in system enables regular replacement for a long-lasting and hygienic product with high performance.

Noise Protection Level

Hellberg hearing protectors are divided into three noise protection levels, ranging from low to high noise protection. These are clearly indicated with bright safety colours for easy identification and selection.Read more

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