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Argon Photochromatic

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  • Perfect when moving between sunlight to artificial light
  • Three step temple angle adjustment

Hellberg Argon is one of the most advanced safety glasses available on the market. The three step temple angle adjustment for a secure and close fit in combination with the dual soft material used on temples and nose bridge enhances the comfort and grip in all kind of work applications. These versatile safety glasses is available in a vast array of lenses and coatings, making it the professionals choice!



Impact Resistant F


Adjustable temple angle

Easy three step temple angle adjustment allowing a personalized and secure fit close to the face, protecting the eyes from impacts and debris.

Photochromatic lens

The photochromatic lens offers a variable tint which darkens upon exposure to sunlight. Wearing indoors the lens provides a light transmittance that is very close to a clear lens - Visual Light Transmittance 90% (VLT). Outdoors in sunny conditions it darkens up to max 30% VLT. Suitable for in/outdoor applications such as forklift drivers, moving between sunlight to artificial light or low light conditions.

Anti-Scratch Coating

Protects both sides of the lens against surface scratching increasing the lifespan of the eyewear.

Anti-Fog Coating

Prevents both sides of the lens from fogging or steaming up when exposed to warm humid environments.

Dual Material Temples

The soft rubber material covering the hard plastic temple enhances the wearer comfort. A groove pattern ensures a good grip when moving around.

Soft Nose Bridge

The rubber material is comfortable and flexible to any nose shape.

Ideal for use in combination with hearing protection

The slim temple design minimizes any leakage to the hearing protectors ear cushions, retaining a good seal between cushion and the face with very little noise attenuation loss.

Approval Info

EN standards approval:

EN 166:2001 / EN 172:1994

Eye and faceprotection markings:

5-1.1<2.0 HS 1FT

ANSI approval:

ANSI Z87.1-2020

CSA approval:

CSA Z94.3-2007

Environmental approvals:


Technical data


27 g

Light transmittance:

30 %